I rith am scoile – COVID-19

Access to School
Access to the school will be in line with agreed school procedures.
 The Board ask that no-one apart from pupils and staff enter the school building.
 Contractors/Service Providers visiting the school will be restricted to essential
purposes and limited to those who have made a prior appointment with principal.
 Every visitor must wear a mask.
 The visitor will be met outside by the secretary or principal.
 The visitor must sign in and, if necessary, later sign out in the office.
 A contact log will be kept in a secure place in the office and phone number must be
 Staff and visitors should maintain a 2m distance from each other.
 No hand shaking policy.

Collection of children during the school day
If an adult has to collect a child during the course of the school day, the following
arrangements will apply:
 Please ensure you have e-mailed the school with the relevant details before the start
of the school day
 The adult should ring the main entrance bell
 The child will be brought from class to the adult
 The email record will be retained as the sign out
 No adult should enter the school building, unless invited to do so.

Parents and children are asked not to congregate in the yard but to depart immediately.